There is so much joy and appreciation in seeing and experiencing the bond develop between the two of you, Kate and Alex…for as much as we so desperately needed the bond to form between each of you and us…we also dreamed of the seamless and deep emotional bond between the two of you…sister and brother. The bonds of our family seem so complete now that it’s as if they must have always been…the stars and planets aligned and brought us all home together finally, and restored the course of our family right and true…as intended, and once and for all. There will be moments though you two, somewhere deep in the future, where you will fight and bother each other with seemingly endless abandon.  Where your mother and I will be beside ourselves without a clue what to do, and you both will revel in the torture of each other and us…simply because you each are finding your way through the troubles and turmoil of coming to terms with your own identity, perceived inequities of your station, and frustration in your limitations and missed rewards…and I suspect an underlying issue of origin or two.  Of course, I can’t say for certain any of these latter points of sister and brother dynamics will come true…it would seem inevitable and literature would suggest it must…so we’ll cross that bridge when the time comes, sigh.  Still, and what I know for certain, is that the path must come full circle purely because of all these things we shared as a family…ensuring that the bonds of our family remain loving and strong, and full of warm embraces…kind words…and tender kisses.

Photo by Tannis Shaw-Lewis (July 2012)

Lawrence Lewis

“It was nice growing up with someone like you – someone to lean on, someone to count on… someone to tell on!”  ~Author Unknown

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