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I would start this sentence with “I hope…”, except that it would be cruel and unfair…and truth be told release me of the burden of my responsibility to you. And in reflection in this moment I can think of no better way to start…so I ponder a little further the message I wish to convey…and perhaps understand a little better that this is no place to profess any wisdom.  That perhaps the conveyance of any guidance is better shared with bold play, the quiet of tender snuggles and simply living the example for your own senses to see…and hear…and interpret.  Therein lies the truth…because no matter what I say here or how I start any sentence, or for that matter any action or inaction I take…you decide my fate in matters of your own heart and memories.  To this…I acquiesce graciously…your loving Dad.


Lawrence Lewis
“Children are educated by what the grown-up is and not by his talk.”
-Carl Jung

About Lawrence Lewis

I do a number of things professionally...but most of all and the true purpose of what I do through "my work" is to provide for my family, be a good husband and great father, and try to make a difference as a world citizen...I guess it's not much more complicated than that :)

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