Here is what I will remember about you my good friend: more than one epic birthday party on Grouse Island…generous hospitality and kindness…late nights at the Landing Pub & Ripple Rock…Rotary lunches (and the silliness that oft ensued)…thousands (I am sure) Blueberry Teas…Marlin fishing and too few days at “the Office” in Cabo…the wooden horse for my daughter (and the smiles she brought to your face)…fireside discussions about life and love and occasional depravity, lol…but mostly, I will remember your love of life and good company.  Finally breath deeply and rest easy my friend…you will be missed but never forgotten…until we meet again.


Lawrence Lewis

“There’s a bit of magic in everything, and some loss to even things out.”Lou Reed

About Lawrence Lewis

I do a number of things professionally...but most of all and the true purpose of what I do through "my work" is to provide for my family, be a good husband and great father, and try to make a difference as a world citizen...I guess it's not much more complicated than that 🙂