I am not going to lie to you…I will be relentless and unyielding in my discouragement of your interest in boys when the time comes.  You’ll also forgive me if I am not as subtle as you might prefer when these boys come around…it will be my intent to appear slightly unhinged and engage them with criminal wit and dark consequences…just enough to cause them moments of pause and considerable fear of your father.  Understand that I am steadfast in my resolve on this matter and that I will take some enjoyment in this mild torture…try to think of it as a ‘worthiness’ test, none will pass of course, but consider the fun we’ll have…and YOU might just discover the character and fortitude of these young lads. My fatherly right, my splendid plan, is to create the awareness in these boys that should they misbehave in even the slightest way, well…broken hearts just like broken bones, all heal with time.  They will understand…and those that don’t…I will take hunting for some additional ‘quality time’ with your ol’man…good times.

My daughter…of course if we have done our job well and with the proper care, attention and nurturing you will become an individual of purpose, self awareness and self assuredness…a being that is fully sentient of her own worth and world – strong, confident and intelligent.  In this light, I will do my best to honor your will and resolve, and trust in your choices…and when the boys do come around find my tolerance…and shotgun.

Photo by Lawrence Lewis (2010)

Lawrence Lewis

“Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them.” ― SIERRA

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I do a number of things professionally...but most of all and the true purpose of what I do through "my work" is to provide for my family, be a good husband and great father, and try to make a difference as a world citizen...I guess it's not much more complicated than that 🙂