Nation Building in Indian Country

I trust that it’s front of mind for your Chief and Council…the struggle we are in is real, and this is not a time for hesitation and lack of vision. The forces acting on our communities internally and externally are of such great magnitude and significant consequence that it would be impossible for any passionate and noble Leader to not be considering the importance of its Nation Building strategy – not only for today and tomorrow, but for seven generations to follow.

These are not easy times…they are in fact incredibly complex times. Complicated even more so by the horrible legacy of past injustice of industry and government, the emergence of everything modern that threatens to replace our traditional values and principles, and the tenacious unyielding spirit of our people. This has to be considered a time of considerable opportunity…and it would be shameful if it was simply squandered or missed because of a lack of vision and fortitude.

Whether it’s an important economic decision that will create wealth, or an important governance decision that will address social issues, or just simply checking in about what Leadership are considering for the long term mutual benefit of the Nation members…your Members expect to be engaged and consulted and not just during an Chief & Council election!

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The challenge of course is that it is often very hard to engage Nation members in a meaningful and purposeful way…the same 30 people show up to community meetings, and besides most of your members reside off-reserve. FaceBook is always a disaster because you can’t control the messaging and the important questions get lost in the clutter of everyone’s personal priorities or latest distractions…the struggle just keeps getting harder as issues and important decisions continue to pile up and consume countless hours of Council meetings.

What if you could reach out and connect with Members in a way that allowed you to capture the feedback and decisions you need as Leadership?

What if that solution was built by First Nations for First Nations…and that it had a mission and vision dedicated to Nation Building just like you?

What if we could deliver results immediately, save you money and administrative strain…and even help your members feel more engaged?

At OneFeather we believe that Nation Building is about transformative change that can only occur when Leadership and Members are able to align their vision for the future. We invite you to use our services and technologies to engage your Members in more useful and powerful ways…including over 20 years’ experience delivering elections, referendums and ratification votes. We exist to help Chief & Council build a great First Nation!

Let us demonstrate our solutions…we would love to visit your community.

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