Faultering is essential…the very nature of missing an opportunity or making a mistake either by design or lack thereof, is more than not I think the very fabric of our lives.  I consider the mastery of failure to have an open invitation in my life…what is ironic, and what some will fail to see and often respond with their own lack of clarity…is that in every failure the truth of something is revealed.  Maybe it’s simply that I was not ready to undertake what was before me…sometimes it’s more or less a reveal on how to do something differently and better…it is always however an addition of inventory and experience to my own foundation of self awareness – resulting exponential personal growth.  I would diverge a little from Frost and suggest that it’s not about a road less traveled…maybe it’s about forging your own path regardless of what roads lay ahead…and in doing so defining who you are not only inside your own skin, but also that very stitch in the infinite fabric of this universe. I suppose this is the wisdom of time when properly accounted for.


Lawrence Lewis
“I took the one less traveled by / And that has made all the difference.”
– Robert Frost

About Lawrence Lewis

I do a number of things professionally...but most of all and the true purpose of what I do through "my work" is to provide for my family, be a good husband and great father, and try to make a difference as a world citizen...I guess it's not much more complicated than that 🙂