Money, I understand can be trouble…I have made a million or two or three, probably lost as much, and then worked hard to make it  back again…played like a player because I could, lived like a pauper because I had too and admittedly probably did it all wrong by some accounts.  Still, I have no regrets about having lost big on occasion or had any false sense of grandeur over a generous win…because I am no slave or prisoner to the exaggerated importance of a dollar bill…I understand it is the expendable means to an end – nothing more.  Happiness is a function of  living well…celebrating and embracing the love of family, friends and all the best qualities of humanity every single moment of every day…and understanding the slightly ironic twist, that we exist for but the fragile blink of an eye and can take none of it with us.  Go forth and prosper for sure…work hard because it rewards your soul and satisfies a noble purpose…and make money to achieve what really matters (which is for you to define of course).  So as I pondered today the advice I might give my children about money…it boiled down to the fundamental principles of humility, hard work and purpose…and this is what I would say:


Lawrence Lewis
“All I ask is the chance to prove that money can’t make me happy.” – Spike Milligan

About Lawrence Lewis

I do a number of things professionally...but most of all and the true purpose of what I do through "my work" is to provide for my family, be a good husband and great father, and try to make a difference as a world citizen...I guess it's not much more complicated than that 🙂